What’s Here

I am Ryan Faircloth, this is my family by wife Brandy, son Wesley, and daughter Bree.  Together the “Faircloths”. I’m the hacker, my wife the teacher, my daughter the creative, my son the concrete. Its a pretty good mix in our house which is great but not without its challenges. We are a blended family our history could not be more diverse. I was raised by a single mom as my parents divorced early in my life. My wife was raised by two awesome parents. Our children are our blessing through adoption they have been our children now for over three years, following about four years within the Florida system.

My wife Brandy is a wonderful wife and mom. She is a teacher presently sixth grade math. Leader in our church working with our women’s program and anywhere there is a need. She enjoys meeting new people and cooking, even helping others enjoy it themselves as a Pampered Chef Consultant.

The kids are simply amazing considering what they have been through we could not be more pleased. God has blessed our family! I could write much more about the family and I will over time in the blog.

I am a life long hacker I will explain that over time in the blog. For now what is important is to know hacker is neither good nor bad. It simply a style of problem solving, combined with a set of skills that can be adapted to the challenge at hand. Unfortunately human tendencies and dramatic flare present a negative image the the world at large.


I am also an athlete, triathlete to be more specific, not that I have always been. I acquired an interest in sports later in life than most, I once found my self weighing 290 pounds and determined a change was required in my life.    Yes this was me three years ago.