Getting Started with Last Pass (Premium)

Last Pass Premium has been my personal choice in password managers for over two years now.  The premium license take care of a few requirements that are above and beyond what most users required yet remains user friendly enough for most users.

  • Plug-ins for all major browsers
  • Support for Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X
  • Support for iPhone, iPad, and Android devies
  • No limit on the number of in use devices.

Watch this video to get started with last pass.

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The three videos in this play list will give you a quick introduction into  making use of Last Pass day to day.


Many of you will ask how secure is Last Pass. I’m glad you ask! Thinking about how secure something is means you are taking your personal security seriously. A better question to ask though is what are my risks with using this software.  The risk is if someone can obtain our master password then all of your accounts would be compromised. That can happen if someone is able to observe or guess your master password.

  • Reduce this risk by using a strong  pass phrase to secure your account.
  • Only access your last pass account from devices you can trust. A device you can trust is a device you own and control, with no other users..
  • If you must access your last pass account from shared devices Do not save your master password on devices shared others, including friends family or co-works.

We can make a few small changes to make our information more secure. On your desktop double click the Last Pass icon and log then click on settings.

  • First restrict login to only those countries in which you may travel frequently. This list can be changed at any time be sure visit this setting before traveling.




  • The second thing we will change is requiring the entry of our master password before a password can be “shared”. This is a feature that is security sensitive. It can be a great feature for families allowing you to securely share passwords for financial sites with family members. It should not be used for enterprise credentials.
  • We also want to enter a “security” email address which can be used to notify you of concerns with your account. A family member or work email is frequently used here.



  • The last thing we should do is restrict login from mobile devices. After you have installed Last Pass on all of your devices, come to this screen to “restrict” and then enable each of your devices.



Lass Pass supports the use of two factor authentication selecting and enabling is beyond the scope of this article.