Oh Sh**T we didn’t think you would check our work.

Do you have a workflow to check your work or are you trusting the system because you think it works? One of the most frequent conversations I have goes something like this. Ryan: The best way to accomplish this task is …… some common alternatives you might think work is A B and C but they often fail in silent ways and this is how you know by checking D E F. Frequently I am challenged on my experience with a reply to the effect of “We’ve been doing B for years and never had a problem. I say great I’m always eager to learn how do you validate that works. If you are a betting person what do you think the odds of an answer are here pretty low. Computers and humans are both very reliable one does exactly what it is told the other does exactly what it knows it has to.

Enter Stamford in order to be fair in vaccine distribution they create a data drive algorithm to “do fair” or really delegate the determination of fair to someone else that didn’t know how to check their work. Please when writing software the lives, careers, and economies depend on test your code don’t be these guys.