Advancing security through the use of security assessments

Long ago our in the distant past that is the late 1970s individuals were alone and unconnected. Visionaries of the future began to connect the individuals in communities. These communities were open and without borders, individuals could enter and use all dwellings with ease. The community thrived with each individual adding unique value.

As the community grew the individuals began to notice unwelcome occurrences. Dwellings changed without the approval of its owner, items moved from dwelling to dwelling without kind notes left. Most disturbing of all some smaller individuals would simply disappear. Each community started to address the concerns of its individuals on their own. Some communities fared better than others, elders would meet together and discuss the successes in their communities (just the sucesses). In order to determine which elders community had fared the best consultants were hired to asses the communities security.  The following levels commonly used to range community security.

Level 0 Awareness of roaming beats in the village as identified by missing young children, food supplies and occasional spotting of red eyed monsters in the night.

Level 1 Young boys with clubs seek to prove the existence of of such beasts despite denial by the elders.

Level 2 A small dog has fallen dead of age in town square signs are placed elsewhere presuming the animals will read and obey the signs.

Level 3 As children continue to disappear in the night demands that more must be done continue. Young men are given small stones and placed at the community gates. Additional signs are added to ensure beats will only use the main gate

Level 4 Losses continue, recent reports of missing valuables such as silver and  gold alarm the elders. Each community member is interviewed and background checks are completed. Community leaders and elders and guards are excluded from the process.

Level 5 Media reports of losses become public. Elders embarrassed demand more actions from the guards. New guards are posted around certain well lighted intersections. Guards dance every 30 minutes between 9 AM and 10 AM around the intersection ensuring the requirement of more activity is satisfied.

Level 6 Additional losses occur new Elders are brought in by the community to solve the problem. Immediately all guards are replaced with new cards from neighboring communities suffer more public and higher losses. The new elders carry forth a plan to double their efforts. The following plan is put in place
A single new guard is set to walk along the parameter of the community during business hours Monday through Thursday
The number of intersections guarded are doubled. The dance is performed every 15 minutes and the intersection guards are equipped with monoculars.

Outside actors are hired to impersonate monsters of the night by entering the community at night and taking small tokens such as napkins. The actors are immediately fired for not playing fairly for reasons not disclosed to the elders.

Level 7 The new guard leadership brings additional guards from neighboring community to patrol the perimeter outside of business hours. The outsourced guards are instructed to awake a day guard should anything severe or important be observed.

Outside actors are again hired and directed to attempt to take a small flyer from sign post at a single intersection. After repeated success all guards are placed at the same intersection and a successful test is reported to the elders.

Level 8 The senior elders european beach vacation photos are placed around the community near the fading signs installed when the community reached level 1. Senior guards are replace. The new senior guards offer to higher the “best” of the outsourced guards for the new perimeter security program. The terms of the offer were not disclosed  2% of the staff takes the offer. The outsource firm does not counter to retain the guards. The new firm observes the photo liberators have opposable thumbs. Reduction security processes for small animals is reduced increasing the rate of loss for small animals and children. Elders are not allowed contact to life forms with opposable thumbs. The probation is receded after 1 hour.

Level 9 The senior guards request more outside assistance, new consultants recommend a new monitoring system built of mirrors allowing the guards to view the intersections from a central location on a single glass wall. Perimeter guards and intersection guards are immediately discontinued. Days latter all small farm animals disappear without notice. On the one year anniversary a senior investigator comes to the elders with a fantastic story of finding a single chicken they must have been taken from this community at a black market in a far away land. The Senior guards initially are certain this must be an isolated incident however a manual inspection of the community find all small animals are indeed missing.

Level 10 Senior guards are once again replaced. The single wall of glass vendor is brought in to explain why their solution has failed. The vendor quickly finds the system was implemented in the very same way as the neighboring communities system. The vendor points out the shape of their neighbors community differs greatly the mirrors as installed have excellent visibility of the latrine  and the community dump but have very limited visibility on the perimeter. The vendor recommends a larger glass system to provide visibility on the perimeter in addition to the current solution. Construction begins on a larger hut with bigger glass walls.

Level 11 Following delays in construction to the new hut Additional Senior guards are engaged from far away with experience in guarding large animals. Additional guards are hired with differing skills. Each guard begins to adjust the minors to their personal liking. Often complaining they spend to much time in the hut. Senior guards begin to require each guard to roam the community during the day looking for signs of wild beats.