Staying up to date with the updates, update smart with Microsoft and Secunia

Its been a busy year already Oracle’s Java, Adobe’s Flash, and so many Updates to Windows. Most users by how have heard they should keep their Windows PCs up to date to avoid infection. Unfortunately, our adversaries have heard the same speech and are trying to deceive through fake updates for your computer. First reliable companies will not notify you by email, instant message, or advertisement that your computer is out of date and needs an update. You may see email or advertisements for new versions or upgrades, and subscription renewals. Some leading software companies are helping us stay secure through automatic or seamless updates such as Google’s Chrome browser, the FireFox Browser, and Adobe’s Flash. Security updates for these productions will simply install in the backgroud without needing your help. You can keep yourself safer by taking a few steps to secure your computer.

Lets take care of our operating system first.

  • Open “Computer” on Windows 7 or “This PC” on Windows 8.1
  • Click on Control Panel in the menu bar.
  • Search for “Windows Update” (1) in control panel then select “Turn automatic updating on or off” (2)


  • Setup the options (1) (2) (3) as shown below then click ok (4)

Windows will now check all Microsoft Products daily for updates and install them as needed. You will be asked to reboot your computer to finish applying updates this is very important don’t put it off. Now what about non Microsoft programs? Secunia provides a product called PSI to help us with this task.

Update the rest of our software with Secuina

First download and install Secuina PSI it is very important for you to download from this link. There are a number of sites offering versions modified to include malware.

  • you will need to provide your name and email address.
  • Then look for the big “Download Now” button. “Try Now” is for a separate business grade product.


  • Run and install PSISetup.Exe, this is a simple next, next, finish, default choices will be best.
  • After you click finish the software will start to update your computer. I installed an old version of Java to demonstrate the process below:
  • After the updates complete you will see an updated list of software and your are done.

PSI will not upgrade software however, for example Adobe Acrobat XII (Future software) or the new Java JRE 1.8 will require you to visit the software vendor to download or purchase an upgrade at some point in the future.