Getting Started with KeePass Part 1

KeePass is a Open Source Information manager. KeePass is simple to install and has a wide variety of options of personal security however it does not directly integrate with any web browser. The significant plus with this solution is the cost. Free

Get started by downloading and installing the software from this site. 

  • Open KeyPass by clicking on your start menu then all programs then “Key Pass 2”
  • The first time you run the program you will be asked if  can automatically check for updates. Enable this option KeePass
  • KeePass will open up and look like this to start


  • We would like KeePass to start with windows so from the Tools Menu click Options
  • Click the integration tab and check “Run KeyPass at Windows Startup”
  • Click OkKeepass2

Now we are ready to create our first password database. For most users one database will be enough however it may make sense to create separate databases for information associated with a specific organization with a separate database for personal information.

  • From the file menu click “New”
  • Create a folder in documents “KeePass”
  • Name the database with a meaningful name such as “PersonalAccounts”Keepass3
  • Create a master pass phrase with at least 12 total characters, using two words 1 or more upper case letters 1 or more symbols and 1 or more numbers.Keepass4
  • 1-Enter a descriptive name for this database
  • 2-Enter a default username that is either a username or email address that you will typically use for your accounts
  • 3-Optional Pick a colorKeepass5
  • Click the Security Tab
  • Change the iterations value to 15000Keepass6
  • Click OK
  • First lets Add a Group under our Internet identities for social media right click on “Internet” click social group then “Add Group”
  • Keepass7
  • Name the group “Social Media” and Click OKKeepass8
  • Click Add Entry
  • keepass9
  • Fill out the entry with all of the information you have
    • 1- Title of the entry
    • 2- Your Username on this site
    • 3- Your password on this site (x2) if the password is less than 50 bit a strong password is advisable
    • 4- The URL to this site i.e.
    • 5- Click OK
  • The entry will now be listed under the social media group
  • keepass10
  • The entry will not be listed under the social media groupkeepass11
  • Congratulations on creating your first entry! Open a webrowser for the site you just created
  • Return to KeePass and select your entry then choose copy username (green arrow or Control +B)
  • Go to your web browser and past in the username field
  • Return to KeePass and select your entry then choose copy password (red arrow or control +C)
  • Note you have 15 seconds to past the value in to the  correct location last pass will clear the clip board to protect your information
  • keepass12

Repeat the steps above for each web site or system you will use. When you are done with a work session choose “Lock Workspace” from the file menu to protect your information. Also don’t forget to save your database from the file menu after important changes.